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History of the Antoni Foundation

The Antoni Foundation was established in 2015 by The Province of St. Hedwig (Order of Friars Minor) in Wrocław to continue and extend Franciscans’ actions on behalf of another human being. Nowadays the main action is The Franciscan Charity Kitchen, led by the Province since 1992. Foundation activity is directed to helping needy and poor people.

History of The Franciscan Charity Kitchen

The charity kitchen at Franciscan Friars in Province of St. Hedwig (Order of Friars Minor) in Wrocław was established in March 1992 in view of the most needy parishioners.

Brother Marcin Kaminiorz was an initiator of this idea, and he was also the first director of the kitchen. Afterwards, position of director was held by father Antoni Dudek, and now it has been held by brother Rafał Gorzołka (since 2004).

The initiative to establish the charity kitchen was inspired by actions led by brethren in Rome – at the Pontifical University Antonianum. Had been working there, brethren form our province familiarized themselves with specificity of the kitchen and set up their activity in Wrocław.

Initially, kitchen served several soup portions per day, but year by year, the number of people making use of this institution was increasing. Nowadays, the kitchen serves about 500 soup portions per day, and the users of canteen are not only parishioners of St. Anthony’s Province, but also other inhabitants of Wrocław, and even people outside of town.