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Voluntary services

Our volunteers, taking part in foundation activities, give us not only their time, but also , above all, their hearts. We are very grateful to them, because we are aware that without their work we couldn’t carry our weight with all the goals, we have in front of us.

Who are our volunteers?

They are youth from estates, scouts, alter boys, parishioners but also people who recive support from the foundation. The age, sex, marital status, job, beliefs aren’t matter – only need of a heart and readiness to help people counts.

What volunteers might do?

There are few areas of involvement – from the physical works like unloading food products, peeling vegetables and prepare meals, through support at the various events (like christmas meeting), into involvement in some tasks connected to specialist knowlege, like graphics, programming, writing texts etc.

How to become a volunteer?

Read about our actions, think about areas you are good or want to help and write an e-mail to us: In the content of this e-mail write few words about yourself, information about you potencial involvement, how much tome you can give as a volunteer. We’ll contact you, to show how the foundation look from the inside and to set the details of future cooperation 🙂